Monday, June 20, 2016

OTT Providers Believe in VR Staying Power

OTT and virtual reality are two of the big buzz topics in the industry, but according to a recent survey they could become a dynamic duo. “The OTT Video Services Market – Today’s Trends and What is Next for 4K, HDR, HFR and VR” study was recently released and it showed that the idea of VR-video becoming a mainstay of streaming video was a popular idea among those interviewed.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

VR and OTT to Go Hand-in-Hand, Study Says

People working for media and entertainment companies across the globe say virtual reality has an important role to play in OTT video, according to a study commissioned by Level 3. Conducted by Unisphere Research in partnership with Streaming Media, the study reveals that 67 percent of OTT companies believe virtual reality is a lasting technology.

"When I started the process of crafting questions for this second annual survey on OTT for Level 3, I was a VR-video skeptic. But it became clear, during the analysis phase, that a VR-video strategic decision has tremendous mindshare for those companies already offering OTT services,” Tim Siglin, the principal report author says.